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Val’s September Blog

That rain at the end of August was so nice! Much needed too. Temperatures cooled off for a bit. With Labor Day coming, forecast looks great. Warmer but not too hot. We will be able to enjoy the traditional grilling (please, no open fires!). School had started but we can afford one more long weekend […]

Val’s August Blog

July was very busy. Warm but we also finally got those afternoon showers. We are now into August and about a month away from Labor Day. But still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Some even call it “playing time”. School will start a week later. Which means extra time to do a hike […]

Val’s another July Blog

Last weekend was very busy. We all expected that. Lots of people outdoors doing all sorts of activities. Even though days are getting shorter, daylight is still bright and long. Temperatures are high, some describe the weather as “hot”. Maybe they don’t know what 105F and 98% humidity feels like. But we are all in […]

Val’s July Blog

Independence Day has been a federal holiday since 1941 but tradition of its celebration goes back to 18th century. In more recent times, people had gathered to watch fireworks, parades and concerts. We might not see any of these this year for obvious reasons but that doesn’t mean we will not have a good time. […]

Val’s May Blog

Happy early Memorial Day everyone! (originally Decoration Day) We value all the men and women that have done so much for this country. F16 jets should be flying over in their honor too. Our theme today will be kind of similar – we will talk about the local winemakers and brew masters that spend countless […]